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Perth Mint Distributor

McLeod Limited Mintage
Collectable Australian and New Zealand Coins - Notes Dealership

Mcleod Limited Mintage specialise in Australian and New Zealand collectable coins and notes.

Leaders, pioneers and symbolic symbols play major roles on our currency. From Imperial to Decimal currency. Coin and Notes have provided the two nations with a lot of history and events from settlement to todays society. Everyday we handle money, its an essential part of our lives.

Range of Coins and Notes of different varieties include Patterns, Errors, star notes, uncirculated sets proof sets and the list goes on. Varying grades of Pre-decimal to Decimal currency of both countries still survive with care.

Quality merchandise for numismatic valuables will help you with your collection. Special tweezers to handle coins and notes. Solution which cleans coins . Albums to protect your valuable items from the atmosphere and time, also to catalogue the coins and notes in order. Magnifing your coins-notes with a magnify, which Enhances every detail.

Special hard, soft cover books dealing with coin grades and their value in todays market. Coin and banknote magazine, with the latest up to date news and information from around the nation to overseas. A must have if you are a serious buyer or enthusiast.

The Numismatic Industry plays a vital role for the serious collector to the investor. By providing merchandise, essential information and preserving coins and notes of different years. Coin Dealers, The Perth Mint including the Royal Australian Mint are the core of the industry. These two provide a wealth of collectors items of limited mintage and currency for the general public. This ever changing industry brings a lot of excitement, with special auctions to grand events. Precious Metals of Gold, Sterling Silver, Palladium and others, through manufacturing process become coins. Many are Limited, they're world wide known and are sought after. Skill of craftmanship and design for the coins-notes are artwork in the process.

World class standards are set in the Australian and New Zealand markets with ethics and fairness.

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McLeod Limited Mintage
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If a Coin or Note you're looking for is not listed here, please send a request to McLeod Limited Mintage.

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